Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sharpoint Catalogue-Training

Sharepoint Catalogue

Below is the list of the sharepoint community or training material which will help a novice,beginner ,intermediate and an expert to enhance Sharepoint knowledge-

This site is a social network that has been built to serve the wider needs of the SharePoint community. Think of it as a LinkedIn or Facebook that's purely focused on SharePoint and is moderated by a group of folks that know SharePoint very well. By becoming a member you can take part in forums, chat, blogs, lists, events and competitions
-Below is the few screenshots from the site

3. is a leading provider of on-demand SharePoint Training (Individual and Corporate) and SharePoint Consulting. End Users, Administrators and Developers learn SharePoint skills and best practices from our online subscription service, DVD video tutorial packages, corporate packages for multiple users, and remote consulting.

Below is the few screenshots from the site

4. is an online portal which gives you complete set of tutorial on following topics: SharePoint , ASP.Net , Java , Java Script , HTML and other programming languages. Readers of this website can also find Sharepoint/MOSS learning material here -> Sharepoint Learning. All the articles in this site will be given by pesonal experience, from a website or e-books.

Below is the few screenshots from the site

Below is the few screenshots from the site


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